High Risk Areas

Getting cover in high-risk areas

We arrange cover to high-risk areas on a case-by-case basis.

  • Owners need to notify us in advance if a ship is travelling to – or staying in – a high-risk area, so we can provide a quote based on the specific risks faced.
  • Our experienced, Singapore-based underwriting team will provide a fast, real-time quote to match the rapid response required.
  • The owner may pay an additional premium while the ship is in the excluded area.

Bespoke cover

We can tailor cover for owners who regularly trade within high-risk areas – providing an efficient and cost-effective approach to war risks.

Protection in a rapidly-changing environment  

We understand the global maritime security situation is constantly changing. Our partnership with Risk Intelligence A/S – a world leader in risk assessment and planning, and a specialist in threat analysis at sea, in port and on land – ensures we can provide shipowners with the best possible protection, based on the latest maritime risk intelligence.

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